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My Christmas Present to You

Christmas TreesHi Everyone!

I am here with a special message for all of you; consider it my Christmas present!

As long as I can remember, the days leading up to Christmas have been a special time of remembering blessings and renewing hopes for another year.  Recently I decided that this was a time to reenforce my feelings for humanity for family, friends, and anyone I happen to meet.

The greatest gift I believe I can give to people all year is a thoughtful gesture, a kind word, or an acknowledgement of praise for something they might have done.  A very unselfish idea considering the pattern of internalized and often self-centered behavior that comes with an Autism Spectrum disorder.  I feel that was because I received so many lessons in self-esteem and was given such strong support.  I have developed this feeling that I need to share my blessings and good fortune in some way with the world in order to be truly grateful.

For me, Christmas is the pinnacle of my time of sharing my gifts with the world.  When I send a gift to someone I care about, I always want to say “As a family member or friend, you matter.  I hope that what I give you lets you know that I appreciate you, I see you, and I am glad that you are who you are”.

This is something I will be doing until my time on Earth ends.  I want my greatest Christmas gift to be a world changed for the better by my words, deeds, and presence.  No matter what happens, Christmas will always symbolize hope and humanity to me.  I wish that you may find re-energizing joy with your loved ones this December.  I thank you for your continued support here and I wish you Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas to all of you.

With Love,