How a man on the Spectrum learns to live

At last!  My best opportunity yet for finding inspiration is here!

I have headed east and then north to see the roads of California.  The road heading east was very clear and I had no problem finding the Desert View Tower at In-Ko-Pah, just east of Jacumba.  This unique stone and brick structure holds a lot of great memories for me.  I first saw it as a little boy with my grandparents.  One of my favorite moments was when my grandfather (God Rest his soul) took me into the rock sculptures and put me on top of a bison statue!

One of my aunts or uncles took a picture of me and him, and I thought it looked cool.  The last time I saw that picture, I remember how it looked like he was a Vaquero on a California ranch and he was giving his grandson a ride on a furry buffalo.  Now that I think about it, I wonder where that photo is?

Well, I did see the bison, and a lot more carved rock statues that make the desert more interesting.  I had no problem manuvering through the tighter corners of the trail, but my hand still kind of feels the sting of about a dozen needles that got stuck in my knuckles after I accidentally brushed against a small cactus!  Kind of reminds me of a Wile E. Coyote cartoon where he was using grease to make his feet move faster to catch the Roadrunner, but he slipped and fell right into a cactus!  He shouted, grumbled, and pulled out the needles with a “twing” sound.  I didn’t hear a “twing” sound when I pulled out the needles, but I’m not forgetting that anytime soon!

After I left the tower, I made my way through the Imperial Valley.  From El Centro through Brawley, and past the Salton Sea, I was even able to indulge in my boyhood love of trains when I pulled over for a few minutes and waited for a train to pass by so I could take a picture of it.  I tell you, it never gets old for me!  I also made a memory of passing through Brawley because my late grandmother was born and raised there, and I had to see it, even for a brief moment.

As I write this, I am relaxing in Indio in a motel just off the 99 Freeway in the middle of the Coachella Valley.  Wifi is no problem, it’s included with my room price.  I really like this format of posting, and the circumstances that I’m writing about.  I think I’ll see about doing this again sometime next year!  For just one day, I’m surprised at how much inspiration I’ve found so far.  This is only the beginning.


Comments on: "Journal of an Aspie: 7/13/2011" (2)

  1. How fun! Man, I haven’t been to In-Ko-Pah in YEARS! I hope you’re taking lots of pictures! 🙂

  2. stephanie garcia said:

    Sounds fun! Can’t wait to hear more…

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