How a man on the Spectrum learns to live

Hi, there.

I guess you’re wondering why I’m posting about driving again, right?  Well, after recent events and personal decisions, I am adding this as an addendum to the other, similar post.

A couple of months ago, I decided to take a road trip by myself on a whim.  Back then, I decided that it would take place around the middle of July, and would involve me traveling through Southern California for about a week.  It would just be a chance to stretch my legs and maybe find inspiration for writing and creating along the way.

At first, I felt like it would be a personal celebration of my recent graduation from college; a culmination of my hard work and accomplishment.  However, after talking it out with those people who are closest to me, I began to think that there was a different reason behind my motivations.

I thought about it deeply, and eventually, I understood that I was looking not only for inspiration, but for a fresh perspective on things I had seen as a kid.  I remembered places that I had been to on road trips with family when I was younger.  During those trips I would see different places and I felt a feeling of gratitude for being blessed to see them with my own eyes.  Today, I  feel that one of my strongest motivations is to see some of these places with different eyes that have evolved and grown with me as I have matured and gained experience in life and in the classroom.

I also realized that this small road trip was satisfying a feeling of admiration I had for two different kinds of people.  For the longest time, these two archetypes have fascinated me for their willingness to let go of certain norms in order to live by their own internal impulses.

The first is the wandering poet or artist.  This person is someone with strong artistic impulses in writing poetry, music, books, or in painting.  They travel in whatever way they can to wherever their creative inpulses take them to find inspiration in creating something beautiful.  I have a feeling that I’ll be able to write new essays that will become posts once they have been refined from the raw inspiration that I’ll draw from my road trip.

The second archetype that I admire is the wandering hero/rogue.  Whether they are in a movie, on TV, or in a book, this person is either forced or makes a choice to leave behind their home or town and travel across the land, searching for a new place to live or for new injustices to right.

Perhaps, it’s because I did so little in the way of dramatic life experiences growing up that these kinds of people have always inspired me.  In a way, going on this road trip will be satisfying to the wanderlust that was always deep down inside of me.

While I won’t be doing anything dramatic like leaving my whole life behind, I will be leaving town on Wednesday, July 13th and returning on Monday the 18th.  By then, I will have taken plenty of photos and written several ideas to post in the future.  Starting on Wednesday, I will be posting here daily for as long as I’m on the road.

This reminds me of when I used to attempt journal writing.  At first I couldn’t understand why I didn’t make it a recurring practice in my life, but I would start one journal, continue less frequently, and then I wouldn’t do it anymore.  Looking back on it now, I feel like I was lacking the motivation to do the work because to me, it was another job that I didn’t feel like doing, in addition to the schoolwork that was made more difficult by the fact that I was born with autism and didn’t see the homework in the same way that most “neuro-typical” children would.

However, with my establishment of this new blog, I realized that I could do my own online journal writing and give my audience a glimpse of what my eyes and mind perceive on any given day.  The inspiration, and motivation to put down my thoughts is now within me, and manifesting in this blog.  I feel now that my journal writing will have a purpose other than to be looked at years in the future by me and my future family.

To be clear, my journal posts will be clearly marked and the style will be more off the cuff and extemporaneous than other essays.  I wish to use this trip as a way to have just a taste of what the wandering hero or artist experiences on screen and in books.

Now that I think about it, this road trip is another excercise in the independence I have gained in learning to drive.  I know that I have been unwilling to use this gift or embrace it in the past because of personal fear that was perhaps left over from a childhood that was a bit sheltered at times, to be honest with you.  Today, I feel like I am coming full circle: reaching for a personal brass ring that I have waited so long to grab.  While it may not have much significance to the average person, this is a personal journey that means a lot to me.

What exactly will come of this I cannot even begin to see.  One thing I know for certain is that I will have satiated the small bit of wanderlust that is inside me, only now, I will use it as a method of inspiration that will propel my creativity and perhaps change a person’s life by the recording of my actions.


Comments on: "Driving Lessons: Part Two" (8)

  1. Caroline Long said:

    Hello Anthony,
    I wish you safe travels and wonderful experiences on your road trip!! I can’t wait to read all about it 🙂 Hugs, Caroline

  2. Teresa Garcia said:

    Be safe and have a great time on your travels. I look forward to reading more! love ya, Aunt Terri

  3. Martha Garcia said:

    Letting go and letting God watch over you.
    Love, Mom 🙂

  4. Zacharyn said:

    Hi Anthony…

    I am so thankful for being able to read your blog. I wrote you before about my son, Zach, who is about to turn 14. He has Asperger’s too. It’s amazing how many things you say that remind me of my (if I do say so myself) PERFECT son. :)) He also has a love for movie heros and video game heros. I never thought about how he may be so interested in these characters because they are inspirational to him in those ways. Now I can totally see it. I really hope you and Zach will be able to be in touch. I’ve been reading him your posts, and I’m going to show him how to correspond with you. He asks me many questions about Asperger’s. Mostly, he tells me that what he likes the most about having Asperger’s is his memory and love for movies and video games. It sounds like you would be such a wonderful mentor for him. Enjoy your roadtrip with all your heart! You’ve worked so hard and must be very proud of yourself. I can imagine your mom’s heart must be pouring over with pride.

    Michelle 🙂

    • Thank You again, Michelle, for your thoughtful and kind words. I would love to be in touch with Zach, and I’m sure he’ll be grateful for having a mentor in his life. I am enjoying my trip and will tell my own mom about your well wishes.


  5. stephanie garcia said:

    I hope you’re enjoying your trip so far!!

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