How a man on the Spectrum learns to live

This is what fuels creativity

Hey, there!

How are ya doin’?  My name’s Anthony, but you can also call me Tony or Antonio if you like.  Welcome to my corner of the WordPress ‘hood.  This blog is my latest vocation in life; exactly what will come of it is unclear to me, but if I change someone’s life for the better along the way, then I’d say that it was worth it.

You’re probably wondering what the title is all about, right?  Well, even if you aren’t, I’ll elaborate.  The main title refers to when I was in school, and not all of my best lessons came from the teachers’ books.  I have an opinion that not all of the best life lessons get taught in school; I feel this way because of how inadequate my Mom believed that schools were to people of my particular set of circumstances.  While it’s been a long time since then, I’ve seen many schools make leaps and bounds toward fully accommodating kids will all sets of concerns.

That brings me to the subtitle: what do I mean by the “Spectrum”?  I mean, the Autism Spectrum.  That’s right, I was born with Asperger’s Syndrome or High-Functioning Autism.  I wasn’t officially diagnosed until I was fifteen, but my parents always knew that I was born different.  For most of my life I’ve had to have someone plead my case until I felt like I was old enough to explain myself.  Even then, I felt the world wasn’t ready to accept someone like me, so I just hid in shame.  A shame that came from feeling like “Autism” was just another ignorant label of society that I had grown to hate.

Nowadays, if anyone asks me further, I will tell them the truth because it is who I am and it is something I have made peace with in recent years.  The veil of shame has been lifted from my consciousness, and as I develop this blog, many of my posts will be of my experiences navigating the world as someone with Autism and how it has shaped my world views.

My primary purpose for this writing is to show the world that I have a voice.  Because of the differences I was born with, I want to use this to fulfill a desire I have to show the world that I exist and that my life matters.  I know that there are other people in this world who have had to struggle with the same difficulties as I’ve had.  I also feel that there are other families who cope with a relative or friend on the Autism Spectrum, and there are days when the struggle is nearly hopeless.

I want to tell them that life doesn’t have to be that way, it doesn’t have to be a struggle!  In my heart, I know that all people want in this world is to feel validated, like they have a purpose in life, and that they have always had a meaning.  There is no “reality”, there is only perception, and I am finally able to show the world my perceptions, which are those of a person with Asperger’s Syndrome who is finally brave enough to prove that he has a right to really live!

I want to shift at least one person’s awareness about people on the spectrum, and give real, tangible hope to any “Aspie” who feels like the world doesn’t understand him or her.  Life does not have to mean isolation and sadness, there is someone who knows what’s it’s like, because…I’ve lived it.  I have been so blessed in this lifetime to have a network of support and understanding that has been my saving grace.  To anyone out there who is an Aspie or has some form of Autism: No matter what anyone says…your life always had meaning.  Do not let anyone tell you that you need anything or anyone to matter; sometimes, all that person wants you to do is shut up and fit in.  From the day you were born, your life had meaning, and it always has.

I would like you to enjoy what I have to say; if there are any criticisms to be had, I urge you to talk to me in a straightforward and respectful way.  I will not tolerate any harassment, hate, or negativity; if you have nothing of value to say to me, then don’t troll around my space any more and leave me alone.

Thank You for stopping by; I hope this is the beginning of a new venture in life for you as well as me.  See you ’round!



Comments on: "Antonio’s in the House!" (23)

  1. Tomas Flores said:

    God blessed my life when you were born. I am most proud of you and your courage. I am proud to be your father.

  2. Teresa Garcia said:

    Awesome job..this totally brought tears of joy for me. Even though you know what a crybaby I am anyway…..super touched, super awesome and great job!!! I’m very proud of you!

  3. Michelle said:

    Anthony…Thank you so much for sharing your blog and experiences with us. My son, Zach, is almost 14 and was diagnosed with Aperger’s about two years ago. Our whole family wants to subscribe to your blog so that we can learn from your journey and understand my son’s journey too. 🙂

    • By all means, tell your family about this blog and give them the link. Perhaps we could meet up someday and I could be a good role model for Zach. I know this is what I’m supposed to do in life. thank you for your warm wishes, guess I’ll see you soon.

  4. Hugs Anthony!!!

  5. I know I already told you on FB but I’m so proud of you, cousin!!! 🙂 The world needs more brave people like you ❤

  6. laura carter said:

    Hey Tony, What an awesome idea!!!! I am so happy you have started this. I have always known you to be such a motivated and enthusiastic person that holds your place in this world with love, compassion and thoughtfulness for others. I already know a few peeps that will benefit from this. Luv ya man! Laura Carter xoxo

    • Thank You, Laura. I must say, I’m glad you know some people that could benefit from this. Give them this same link and tell them all about what I’m doing when you get the chance. See you ’round!

  7. Ramona Garcia said:

    Tony, You da man dude! I shared some of you’re blog with Frank and I’m gonna print him up a copy of the whole thing so he can read up on it. Were so proud of you and I know that we’ll learn alot from you’re experiences in life. We love you deeper than the Oceans floor. You’ve come a long way baby, to get where you’ve got to today. Keep up the good work, God has a plan for you to allow you to put you’re mark in this world and help others with this Syndrone. You’re in our hearts always. Much love. You’re Aunt & Uncle (Me & Him) 🙂

  8. Hello Tony, I read your blog for the first time and all I can say is that you brought tears into my eyes of hope. My son Richie was just diagnosed and by reading your blog I now know he not only is a great artist, he will accomplish great things I have to subscribe to your blog. Thank you for giving me hope for my son who I know is so very smart. He cant read very well but he is in advanced math. Again thank you and keep up the great work. I look forward to reading many many more. Hugs Julie

    • Dear Julie,
      Thank You for your kind words, and I hope that your son finds a way to express creativity in his life. I am glad that I was able to give you hope, and I am glad you will be able to subscribe; I appreciate your patronage. It’s funny, but I’ve been a good reader my whole life and my math skills are not very strong. Maybe one day, your son and I can learn from each others’ strengths and weaknesses, because it is not just my words that I want to use, but my actions, in order to bring hope to people like Richie. Again, thank you for your kind words, and I hope to hear from you again!


  9. Hi Tony,

    How inspirational,very courageous to open up and share situations that have affected your life. I enjoyed reading it this morning and look forward to seeing what you have to post in the future. You are an intelligent and thoughtful man, what a blessing you are to your family and especially your mom!! She’d help move a mountain with you, oh wait you guys have already done that!! Take Care o you

    • Hi Judy,
      I will! Rest assured that the future looks very bright for my blog. I will move mountains for the people who most need it, and I hope they learn how to move their own mountains while teaching others to do the same. See you soon!

  10. Stephanie Garcia said:

    You are such an inspiration and I admire you for that! So proud of you! I will continue to follow. 🙂

  11. Tony you are awesome! I am so proud of you sharing your experiences! I have many students who are on the “spectrum” and will share with them your blog so they too can have the power and knowledge to get through those difficult times in life. Love you cuz..I hope to see you at comic con too!! Renee:)

    • Hi Renee!

      That’s great that you can show my blog to your students on the spectrum. Tell them and their families all about it, and I will see you at Comic-Con once again!

  12. […] been, and how much further I’m going with everything I’m learning. Check the link here to read my full purpose statement from nearly four years ago.  As always, I am grateful to […]

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